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Netcore acquires Boxx.ai, enables brands to reinvent customer experience with personalisation

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Delivering personalized experiences to millions

Read your customer’s mind
unlock their wallets

8 - 13% increase in conversions

6 - 9% increase in add-to-carts

30 - 60% increase in CTRs

5 Minutes to integrate. 5 Days for going online 5 Weeks to see results

Salient Product Features

Personalized product recommendations

Our world class algorithms use a large variety of data to generate personalized and most relevant product recommendations for each of your visitors

  • Most likely to explore
  • Most likely to click
  • Most likely to buy
  • Trending products
  • Upsell opportunities
  • Cross-sell opportunities
  • Similar products
  • Deals to prevent attrition

Personalization across touch points

Armed with the knowledge of most relevant and personalized products for each user, Boxx.ai personalizes every touch point for each of your customer.

Check out different use cases below.

Category page reordering

Each category page usually has anywhere between 150 to 20,000 products. Our algorithms can reorder your entire catalog for each visitor showing her the most relevant and personalized products on top.

Personalized catalogs typically deliver 20-30% better conversion rates.

Boxx.ai allows a seamless integration of our personalization algorithms with your merchandising rules.

Recommendation widgets


  • All widgets are designed specifically for your site, using your existing themes. Higher CTRs and conversions are guaranteed because of personalized and contextual content.
  • Our pop-ups trigger automatically whenever your visitors are about to leave and immediately guides them  in the right direction.

Personal Boutique

Imagine you walked into a store curated just for you. 

That experience can be rolled out to customers through your online stores. The personal boutique is a cross category curation of products the customer is most likely to buy or view, listed on one page in a list format. 

The customer can interact with this page and click on the “Like” “Dislike” buttons to share real time feedback about their choices and preferences too.

Personalized Ads

Powered with the knowledge of most relevant products for each user, Boxx.ai integrates with Facebook Instagram and Google to deliver personalized advertisements for each user.

  • Acquire more first time visitors
  • Re-engage to get them back

Surprisingly easy to Install

Shopify Plugin

If your store is built in Shopify, we have Shopify plugins for seamless integration.

Magento Plugin

If your store is built in Magento, we have Magento 1.x and 2.x plugins for seamless integration.


For all other e-commerce platforms. JS integration is as essy and intuitive as they come.

Loved by businesses, and individuals across the globe.

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