CIO & LEADER | BOXX.AI wants to Democratize Analytics using AI

Reading Time: 1 minute, an AI company, headquartered in Bangalore, builds AI-powered products that enable the e-commerce enterprises to maximize their customer engagement and increase their top-line by ~40%.  The company was set up in July 2016 by three IIT alumni – Ajay Kashyap, Prakhar Raj, and Shitiz Bansal, who realized that there were a common set of problems that stood in the way of any analytics project in an organization. is an AI-driven plug and play, omnichannel, personalization engine whose ever-learning algorithms predict what each customer is likely to buy in future, and then delivers the most personalized customer experiences across all digital marketing channels (emails, app notifications, browser notifications, Facebook and on website or app). enables the e-commerce firms to crunch their data and personalize their businesses with artificial intelligence (AI).

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