How AI is transforming the e-commerce sector

“The Internet has become a wizard of sorts who can predict your demands based on the requirements and is due to the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Deep learning algorithms have already started working their bit to forever uplift the world of automated ads, to that extent that they can now predict the online behaviour […]

AI and Big Data in E-Commerce: 10 Companies and their Strategies

E-commerce has emerged to be one of the giant roleplaying industries in the business market with a global presence. As a consequence of huge past transformation, the competition amongst the e-commerce brands has intensified, not just in terms of the business generated, but more so in terms of customer acquisition and retention. With the number […]

How Fancy Maths Helped Lisa Buy Her Dream Wedding Gown

On a drab evening, as I streamed through my e-mails, something caught my eye in excitement. It was a beautiful, glittery, virtual wedding invitation from my old friend, Lisa! Without losing a moment, I reached her over the phone and before we realized our conversation had traversed from ‘being excited’ to ‘let’s go shopping’. But […]

TIMES JOBS (TOI) | My First Job: Ajay Kashyap, Founder,

In an exclusive conversation with the Times Jobs, Mr. Ajay Kashyap, Founder,,  shares his professional experiences about his first job, his learnings, and sheds more light on is the world’s only plug and play, omnichannel, personalization engine that enables the e-commerce companies to personalize their businesses with artificial intelligence (AI) – based […]

IT VOICE | An Exclusive Interview: “We are the world’s only Plug & Play Omnichannel true personalization engine”, Mr. Ajay Kashyap, Founder,

In an exclusive interview with IT Voice Magazine, Mr. Ajay Kashyap, Founder,, reveals his strategies for business in India. Founded in July 2016, is the “world’s only Plug & Play omnichannel true personalization engine”, says Mr. Ajay Kashyap. Boxx. ai enables the e-commerce companies to personalize their businesses with artificial intelligence (AI) that results in […]

FEATURED | KNOWSTARTUP: 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Focused Startups in India That Will Rule in 2018 and Beyond

In an exclusive coverage by KnowStartup, the Bangalore-based A.I. company,, is enlisted and featured as one of the 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) focused startups in India that is set to impact the e-commerce businesses in 2018. The A.I. firm helps e-commerce companies increase their customer engagement to improve the conversions significantly., a product-based startup […]

FEATURED | ET RISE STARTUPS: BOXX.AI Targets 40% Top-line Impact for E-commerce Customers with New Product, an A.I. startup based-out-of-Bangalore, illustrates how AI-driven algorithms can help e-commerce companies achieve an increase in their top-line by nearly 40%. has worked with 14 e-commerce giants till date, which include the leading brand names of Abof, VLCC, Clovia, and Nearbuy among their customers. In a conversation with ET, Ajay Kashyap, Co-founder,, revealed […]

KNOWSTARTUP | STARTUP STORY: BOXX.AI helps organizations build products that enable solution to most critical analytics problems

Analytics is a major part that determines the course of any business. Every business at some point or another requires support for solving critical analytical problems. One startup that helps business with all such solutions is is the world’s only plug and play, omnichannel, personalization engine that enables the e-commerce companies to crunch the […]

FEATURED | ANALYTICS INDIA: 10 Startups in India that are Leading The Race of Artificial Intelligence – 2017

In one of the exclusive coverages by Analytics India,, an AI-based product startup, is featured as one of the 10 startups in India that are leading the race of Artificial Intelligence in 2017. With a lot of development in AI happening around the globe, 10 startups have emerged boldly in the AI space. is […]

BUSINESS STANDARD | Unicorn India Ventures Invests in AI-led Analytics Startup

Unicorn India Ventures, a Mumbai-based VC firm and a group of angel investors have invested $500,000 in, a Bangalore-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) start-up, as featured in an exclusive coverage by Business Standard. Co-founded together by the IIT alumni – Ajay Kashyap, Shitiz Bansal, and Prakhar Raj in July 2016, this investment is the first […]

SILICON INDIA | Consulting Firms Augmenting their Services with Technology Platforms

Ajay Kashyap, Co-founder, shares his views on how consulting firms are gradually adopting more intelligent analytics – AI that will help them increase their efficiency and stay abreast with the technological developments for overall better performance. In a conversation with Silicon India, the co-founder of the AI-based product startup, quoted,” Consulting firms need to move […]

ADGULLY | GUEST COLUMN: Effectively Using Analytics in Marketing

  In a guest column featured in Adgully, Ajay Kashyap, the Co-founder of an AI-based product company –, writes about the reasons and benefits to the effective use of analytics in the domain of marketing. The Co-founder of the AI-driven product firm reflects that for any business to flourish successfully nowadays, customer satisfaction is […]


In an exclusive coverage by The Week,, an AI-driven product company based out of Bangalore, introduces the AI-fuelled product to enable the e-commerce enterprises to increase their top-line by ~40%. The startup was set up in July 2016 by three IIT graduates – Ajay Kashyap, Shitiz Bansal, and Prakhar Raj. The AI-driven product’s ever-learning algorithms discover […]

TECHULATOR | Bridging the Gap Between Personalization and Marketing with AI

In one-of-its-kind of coverage by Techulator, Ajay Kashyap, the Co-founder,, elaborates his views on how AI-led personalization tools can help bridge the gap between the mass marketing and personalized communication. With the businesses becoming increasingly consumer-centric, personalization of marketing communications is the need of the hour. The AI-driven smart technology is readily available and […]

ANALYTICS INDIA | BOXX.AI Startup wants to Lead the Wave in Democratizing Analytics

In a conversation with Analytics India, Ajay Kashyap, Co-founder,, elucidates the problems faced by various organizations in the field of analytics and suggests how can help resolve the problems by applying AI-driven tools., an AI Startup in Bangalore, enables the e-commerce companies to crunch the data and personalize their businesses with artificial intelligence (AI) […]

CIO & LEADER | BOXX.AI wants to Democratize Analytics using AI, an AI company, headquartered in Bangalore, builds AI-powered products that enable the e-commerce enterprises to maximize their customer engagement and increase their top-line by ~40%.  The company was set up in July 2016 by three IIT alumni – Ajay Kashyap, Prakhar Raj, and Shitiz Bansal, who realized that there were a common set of problems that stood […]

YOUR STORY | PARADIGM SHIFT in INDIA: From People-led Solutions to Machine-led Solutions

Ajay Kashyap, Co-founder, shares his insightful views over the paradigm shift in India that is leading the way to AI-driven products and solutions in the Indian market. In one-of-its-kind of interactions with Your Story, the AI-led product company’s founder sheds more light on how and why the people-driven solutions are being replaced by the machine-driven […]

Shout out to all marketers: Create that lasting first impression

In any relationship, be it between the employer-employee or your first date, first impressions matter. This becomes more important between the customer and the client. Marketers understand the need to leverage this first impression from the very first time that a customer interacts with the brand in any form. In fact, leveraging first-time customers have […]

Tech disruptions reshaping the retail sector

Over the last ten years, we have seen a steady state of disruptive technologies driven by social media, cloud based services and mobile computing. What was once considered cutting edge, like ecommerce stores, paying online, recommendation, etc. is now considered essential for any retailers who hope to stay relevant. With this rapidly evolving digital landscape, […]

The consistency of intimacy- moving away from marketing automation

In not too distant past, personal services meant that everyone knew you by your name and what you liked to buy from their shop. From the door-to-door salesman, to a bank teller to the haberdasher, everyone knew their customers, their choices and their preferences included. Marketing was more about a one-size-fits-strategy. With the growth of […]

Is AI the mantra that finally meets customer’s expectations?

Artificial intelligence has, all of a sudden, become the next big thing. It is not so much sweeping across our world as seeping into it, with a combination of enormous computing power and the deep learning techniques promising to reshape our lives. 2016 was the year of AI awareness, introducing consumers to the idea of […]

Adoption of analytics across businesses especially new entrants

A chilling sentiment that haunts most C-suites in the digital age is if they don’t innovate, they will fizzle out of existence. In spite of this, most businesses today choose to remain static, even if they know that they need to thrive in an environment that is changing faster than the African savannah. Bombarded with […]

8 reasons why you need an AI-led personalization tool

The digitization wave is even greater than the internet. The exponential growth spurt of technology advancements increased consumer power and greater competition means that all industries face the threat of commoditization. Those who wish to emerge as winners, will act now, build marketing strategies, and implement next-gen operating models that would leave their counterparts in […] new product featured on dataquest

DATAQUEST | BOXX.AI introduced the Beta Version of AIDA, a Bangalore-based AI company, recently launched the Beta Version of its AI-powered product in a quest to bring personalization to analytics in e-commerce. is renowned for their AI-driven technology to build products that enable e-commerce enterprises to increase their top-line by ~40%. The product enables the e-commerce companies to personalize its communication as per the […]