VARINDIA | Machine Learning: Impact on Marketing Practices in India

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The term ‘machine learning’ has been a buzzword over the past few years in the media due to which most people must have heard of the term. However, only a few are aware of its details and applications.

In its true essence, machine learning is the technology which enables a machine to learn and improvise based on the feedback it gets, and thus mimic humans in decision-making. Machine learning’s application in businesses is relatively new in India. But recently, some organizations have initiated its use in scaling up their business in various areas. is the world’s only plug and play, omnichannel, personalization engine that enables the e-commerce companies to crunch the data and personalize their businesses with artificial intelligence (AI) – based algorithms that result in an overall increase in the top-line by ~40%.

Find out more information about the impact of machine learning on the marketing practices in India.

Post Author: Namita Hiremath

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