AI and Big Data in E-Commerce: 10 Companies and their Strategies

E-commerce has emerged to be one of the giant roleplaying industries in the business market with a global presence. As a consequence of huge past transformation, the competition amongst the e-commerce brands has intensified, not just in terms of the business generated, but more so in terms of customer acquisition and retention. With the number […]

How Fancy Maths Helped Lisa Buy Her Dream Wedding Gown

On a drab evening, as I streamed through my e-mails, something caught my eye in excitement. It was a beautiful, glittery, virtual wedding invitation from my old friend, Lisa! Without losing a moment, I reached her over the phone and before we realized our conversation had traversed from ‘being excited’ to ‘let’s go shopping’. But […]

TIMES JOBS (TOI) | My First Job: Ajay Kashyap, Founder,

In an exclusive conversation with the Times Jobs, Mr. Ajay Kashyap, Founder,,  shares his professional experiences about his first job, his learnings, and sheds more light on is the world’s only plug and play, omnichannel, personalization engine that enables the e-commerce companies to personalize their businesses with artificial intelligence (AI) – based […]

IT VOICE | An Exclusive Interview: “We are the world’s only Plug & Play Omnichannel true personalization engine”, Mr. Ajay Kashyap, Founder,

In an exclusive interview with IT Voice Magazine, Mr. Ajay Kashyap, Founder,, reveals his strategies for business in India. Founded in July 2016, is the “world’s only Plug & Play omnichannel true personalization engine”, says Mr. Ajay Kashyap. Boxx. ai enables the e-commerce companies to personalize their businesses with artificial intelligence (AI) that results in […]

FEATURED | KNOWSTARTUP: 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Focused Startups in India That Will Rule in 2018 and Beyond

In an exclusive coverage by KnowStartup, the Bangalore-based A.I. company,, is enlisted and featured as one of the 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) focused startups in India that is set to impact the e-commerce businesses in 2018. The A.I. firm helps e-commerce companies increase their customer engagement to improve the conversions significantly., a product-based startup […]

FEATURED | ET RISE STARTUPS: BOXX.AI Targets 40% Top-line Impact for E-commerce Customers with New Product, an A.I. startup based-out-of-Bangalore, illustrates how AI-driven algorithms can help e-commerce companies achieve an increase in their top-line by nearly 40%. has worked with 14 e-commerce giants till date, which include the leading brand names of Abof, VLCC, Clovia, and Nearbuy among their customers. In a conversation with ET, Ajay Kashyap, Co-founder,, revealed […]

BUSINESS STANDARD | Unicorn India Ventures Invests in AI-led Analytics Startup

Unicorn India Ventures, a Mumbai-based VC firm and a group of angel investors have invested $500,000 in, a Bangalore-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) start-up, as featured in an exclusive coverage by Business Standard. Co-founded together by the IIT alumni – Ajay Kashyap, Shitiz Bansal, and Prakhar Raj in July 2016, this investment is the first […]