SILICON INDIA | Consulting Firms Augmenting their Services with Technology Platforms

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Ajay Kashyap, Co-founder, shares his views on how consulting firms are gradually adopting more intelligent analytics – AI that will help them increase their efficiency and stay abreast with the technological developments for overall better performance. In a conversation with Silicon India, the co-founder of the AI-based product startup, quoted,” Consulting firms need to move away from the ‘build everything in-house’ approach to ‘partnering with the best’ approach and adopt platforms that provide a technological advantage.”, an AI startup headquartered in Bangalore, is the world’s only plug and play, omnichannel, personalization engine that enables the e-commerce companies to crunch the data and personalize their businesses with artificial intelligence (AI) – based algorithms that result in an overall increase in the top-line by ~40%.

For further explanation of the viewpoints, read here. To know more about, click here.

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